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Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Awards in HK

The 4th Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Awards organised by The Mirror, a monthly magazine in Hong Kong, was annouced Friday. 16 corporations, including Sino Group, A.S. Watson Group (Hong Kong) Ltd and Mission Hills Group were awarded, while AIA Group Limited, China Construction Bank(Asia), Haier and other seven corporations won it in a row.

Ken Chu with Mission Hills Group, Alim Markus with Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association and Meng Lihong with Clifford Group were awarded „Outstanding Entrepreneurs Social Responsibility Awards“. Yiu Chak Hei with Hong Kong Shue Yan University was awarded „Outstanding Social Responsibility Youth Promotion Ambassador“.

The Award has been held from 2012, and goes to enterprises qualified criterion on shareholder‘ s sense of responsibility, caring for employees, satisfaction from costumers, connection with society, environment protection and leadership.


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