Highlights: Corporate Social Responsibility in a New Era of Partnerships

Highlights from Peter L. Scher’s conversation at The Center on Philanthropy & Public Policy.

Peter L. Scher
Chairman of the Washington, D.C. Region Head of Corporate Responsibility JPMorgan Chase & Co.

In conversation with:
Elwood Hopkins
Founder and Managing Director Emerging Markets, Inc.

Also featuring:
James M. Ferris
The Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy

Wendy Wachtell
Joseph Drown Foundation

Fred J. Ali
President and CEO
Weingart Foundation

The Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy promotes more effective philanthropy and strengthens the nonprofit sector through research that informs philanthropic decision-making and public policy to advance community problem-solving. Using California and the West as a laboratory, The Center conducts research on philanthropy, volunteerism, and the role of the nonprofit sector in America’s communities.

In order to make the research a catalyst for understanding and action, The Center encourages communication among the philanthropic, nonprofit and policy communities. This is accomplished through a series of convenings and conversations around research findings and policy issues to help key decision makers work together more effectively to solve community problems and to identify strategies for action.


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